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Vecto-minifill Auger Filling Machine

The vecto-minifill auger filling machine operates on fixed or variable speeds, & is tailored for individual requirements to achieve optimum outputs & accuracies.

Controls can be mounted remotely - giving the machine an overall width of only 100mm, facilitating multi-lane applications (see below).

Common touch-screen controls with independant settings for each filler head.

Feed systems to compliment the vecto-minifill can be supplied in the form of a horizontal feed screw, mechanical bulk hopper, or your own existing system.

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  • 12 Page LCD Operator information display.
  • Infinite recipe & menu facility.
  • Operator keypad for data entry.
  • Fill sequence start.
  • Confirm product cut-off open (if used.)
  • Checkweigher feedback (standard option).
  • Auger count monitoring.
  • Operator adjustment facility.
  • Drive & product cut-off monitoring.
  • Digital display of fill results.
  • Fill in-progress monitor.
  • Fill complete monitor.

Concept & design parameters have been considered uncompromisingly, & are maintained throughout for ultimate reliability, performance & cost.
A wide range of versatile technical specifications & options are available, & include machine height adjustment & product cut-off variants.

Products are catered for in the food, chemical, drug, cosmetic & pharmaceutical industries. Weight control or volumetric dosing, ranging from a few milligrammes upwards are possible when tooled-up to suit the application in hand.
Used with existing or new packaging lines, including Form-fill & seal applications, cartons, pre made bags, cans, vending drinks & snack pscks, jars or bottle handling equipment. Integartion is simplified due to the compact nature of the machine.

From manually presented bags or containers at speeds dependant on the operator, to speeds in excess of 120 per minute per head when integrated with other high speed rotary or in-line packaging systems.

Employing commercially available flux vector inverter drive technology, this eliminates the need for clutches, brakes & high powered servo drives to achieve accurate intermittent stop/starts with speed & acceleration control.

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